Pat Gaffney: Defining Photo/Semester Plan

Image1. An image that defines myself as a photographer at this point in time: recently I have been focusing on photographing outdoors using natural and artificial light to create images of skateboarder. these photos clearly show the obstacle they are preforming a trick on and the moment in time I feel best exemplifies the entirety of the trick. It is important that I know were the rider is going and what angle will show the toughness of what they are trying to do.

2. My plan for the semester is to steer away from my commercial action style shots of skateboarding and focus more on other types of photography that I am not comfortable with, such as portraits, still life and possibly even landscapes. While doing this I still want to focus on my interest, well more like obsession with skateboarding, but I want to deal with it in a different way. I plan on exploring more concepts regarding the lifestyle other than just images of people riding skateboards or assimilating skating into a pre assigned project. Hopefully this will help me expand my range as a photographer and also give me some insight to a couple new series of images I can use toward my senor show.

3. Recently I set up a portable studio behind one of the ramps and photographed everyone who was skating wearing their helmets. I have also made a lighting diagram so I can continue this series later on.ImageImage

4. The space where I am working: Image

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